Supervision 25th of October with Andrea

Supervision 25th of October with Andrea

Revising the table for the evaluation of the experimentation at the Japanese high school.

- Q 6. There are two questions. “How does the whole process lead to the clear communication?” This is about quality question. “Should I put more or less?” This is quantitive question.

- Q 7. “Should I show more example before students starts creative process?” This is so similar to Q 6. However, this is valuables question, because this question can be like “Should I show as many as I can before I start workshop? or To allow participants to be creative/original, maybe I should not show any examples, because examples can disturb their imagination.” What do you think about influence of the examples that I have shown?

- Q8. “Do people interact through the visuals?” “People” is vague, need to be clear, like “teachers” “students” “guests of school festival” Actually. “How they interact through the visual storyboard?” Would be nicer. Focus on “Catalyst” for the conversations.

- Maybe another extra question is, “Please ask teachers/students about what they feel about the work.” to allow them to start spontaneous conversations?

- Q 9.

Correct order of questionnaire

Clear orders, clear organised structure.

Real raw material – the analysis must be done with the original data

I have to guarantee to participants that the source will be anonymised when it’s published. Especially the participants/these kids are under age so it is very delicate.