Supervision 14th October 2013

Supervision 14th October 2013

The purpose of this supervision meeting was to discuss about how I would evaluate the experimentation at Teikyo school, and think about what the evaluation structure would be like together with staff, students and myself.

The evaluation form the experimentation

Constructing Criteria

See the table below



Then modification of the whole process and instruction to participants

1. Warn participants at the first brief. (sexual expression/offensive/rude)

2. Need to pick-up how I define participants groups? each group may have different problems.

3. Need a guideline to explain what might be offensive?



Next stage – another participatory experimentation at King’s Cross

1. Need to chose a place where going to be the target but chose it carefully.

2. Next experimentation should be in the middle of November!! Be prepared!!!!!

3. Possible target – Mo at Caledonian Road.

- Demonstration with visual materials or visual tools

- Plan – when/how many people/what should I provide with, tea? biscuits?

- How -Play a game?/work in pairs/imagining the future

- Need to prepare a map and also stationary that they will use (outcomes need to be pretty).

- Photograph would be nicer and easier for participants

Then move to next phase – bigger workshops


About the confirmation stage

Need to write up 10,000 words by next spring.

1. Abstract – 200 words

2. Introduction – 400 words

3. Literature Review – 4,500 words

- Narrative

- Participatory design

- Social interaction

- Narrative Methodologies, historical paintings and modern story telling.

4. Practice review

5. Methodologies

6. Next steps

7. Chapter outlines

8. conclusion

9. Bibliography

10. Appendix

Next Action

1. Tricia will introduce Mo who is in charge of a community centre in Caledonian Road to me when I am ready for experimental workshop in King’s Cross.

2. Evaluation

3. Literature Review