Grayson Perry – An exhibition from the Arts Council Collection

Grayson Perry – An exhibition from the Arts Council Collection—Education-pack-FINAL.1.pdf

Perry’s particular interest was in the emotional attachments we make to objects, and how the judgments we make about our own and other peoples’ taste are often delineated along class lines. In order to gather material, he spent time in the company of different groups; interviewing them, photographing them and making sketchbook drawings and notes. In each of the three locations he gained further insights by dressing up as a woman of the class group he was visiting. Page 4 Paragraph 4


Perry’s decision to immortalise his visits and observations in a series of tapestries was partly inspired by the history of tapestry making as a traditional means of recording stories, as well as by their associations with wealth and grandeur. Interviewed for Channel 4, Perry said:

‘Why tapestries? I always work with traditional media. Each historic category of object has accrued over time intellectual and emotional baggage. I depend on this to add inflection to the content of the works. Tapestry is the art form of grand houses. On my television taste safari I only saw tapestries hanging in stately homes. They depicted classical myths, historical and religious scenes or epic battles like Hannibal crossing the Alps. I enjoy the idea of using this costly and ancient medium to show the commonplace dramas of modern British life.’ Page 6 Paragraph 2