An introductory class on 3rd May 2013

An introductory class on 3rd May 2013


On 3rd May 2013, I was not able to give classes because of my personal business. Then I have given an antecedently exercises for pupils. The aim of the exercises is to know the standards of pupils’ creativity about basic drawing and motivations.

exercise 1: Show me your favourite place on campus either by drawing or photographies, and tell me Why is this your favourite place?


I have been studying in this classroom with classmates for almost 3 years, so this is the special place because it is full of memories. Somehow I like smell of this classroom. S.O. – 3A


This is the my room in the dormitory and private space  where I can relax. The room has nice views with greens and trees.

This is the my room in the dormitory and private space where I can relax. The room has nice views with greens and trees. K.H. – 3A



I have spent some nice time here. Especially in a spring time, wooden table and chair get warm and so comfortable when the sun comes up. I was able to feel seasonal changed through this place. O.M. – 3A



In the summertime, sometimes sunlight is too strong so the table and bench can be moved to a shade under a big tree. M.O – 3A



This is the building for regular classes. When I saw this first time, I really surprised because it looks quite different from normal Japanese school buildings. But now I love this peaceful one story structure. A.A. – 3A



This is the playing field and I like the season between winter and spring in there, because I have seen that all the grass and trees are suddenly come into bud beautifully. Also, the place is shared by wild animals, such as squirrels and deer. R.I. 3A



I love this football field because we normally don’t have such a nice natural grass ground for football in Japan. We play boisterously usually but when we play football, we become really serious!

exercise 2: Why is this your favourite place? What would you do there?


Put a fragrance on the table, install speaker system on the celling and also set up nice AV system! S.O. – 3A


If I could have a larger window, it would be fantastic. Because I want to enjoy more view from the window. K.H – 3A




Convert to two story building, install some terraces and put grass instead of concrete ground. A.A. 3A



I want to have something like greenhouse in the field because the girls hate bugs but we’d love to enjoy the sunshine! R.I. 3A



Having an indoor football court would be great because the British weather is quite unstable. Also having strong lights for night game would be great! K.K – 3A